Vocalist Renee Hale announces her passionate return to the stage. Always at the forefront of what’s happening in Las Vegas, Hale transitioned from performing long enough to build one of Las Vegas’ most successful destination management companies, “Always Creative.” But, her love of music and singing never waned. It is with enthusiasm and joy that she is returning to her soulful roots to delight audiences once more.

About Renee

Remember when going out for an evening meant you were going to be entertained and have a great time? Whatever happened to real TALENT and a great night on the town?! 

Imagine being able to recapture those elegant evenings… hearing your favorite songs and dancing till dawn! Vocalist Renee Hale delivers entertainment the way you remember it; smooth songs about love, bands playing beautiful music or a laid back, funky groove, and nights that take you back to a happier, simpler time.   Read More >>



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